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Before embarking on your thrilling gaming journey at Firefox Casino, it's important to familiarize yourself with the general terms and conditions of the platform. These rules govern your interactions with the casino, from account registration to bonus use, game play, and withdrawals.

Eligibility Conditions Firefox Casino

Before you can dive into the vibrant world of games at Firefox Casino, there are certain eligibility conditions you must meet. These conditions ensure that the casino operates in compliance with legal and regulatory standards, providing a safe and fair gaming environment for all.

Here are the stipulations that a player must meet to avail the services of the Casino:

  • The Player must be 18 years old or more.
  • It's imperative for online casino gaming and betting to be lawful in the player's resident country for them to qualify to play. The responsibility lies on the Player to figure out whether online gaming and betting is allowed in their residing nation and comply with local laws.
  • In any other case, utilizing the casino services is considered illegal. Kindly note that while some local authorities have categorically declared online gambling to be illegal, others haven't yet made a clear stance on this issue.
  • The following countries have restrictions on real wager gaming: Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Estonia, France, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion, Moldova, Myanmar, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused.
  • The Player is responsible for providing accurate and comprehensive information to the Casino about their User Account.
  • The Player is expected to adhere to all the Casino's regulations.
  • The Player should not play on behalf of any other person who is denied access to the Casino.
  • Anyone professionally associated with the Casino, including immediate family members, is strictly prohibited from using the Casino's services.

The Casino, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to limit a Player's access for any reason deemed necessary.

User Account

Having a user account at Firefox Casino is your passport to a world of thrilling gaming experiences. Here's what you need to know about setting up and managing your account.

Opening a User Account:

  1. Before placing any bets, a Player must register with the Casino and establish a User Account. Only one User Account is allowed per Player. If the Casino discovers that a player has created multiple User Accounts, it reserves the right to close all of them. In such a case, any potential winnings and bonuses will be considered null and void.
  2. Each Player is responsible for creating their own Username and Password when registering with the Casino. Maintaining the confidentiality of this information is entirely the Player's responsibility. Any activities conducted through the Software program using their Username and Password are also the Player's responsibility.
  3. These terms and conditions require a Player to provide accurate and truthful information to the Casino. Any Player who provides incorrect information to the Casino will be held accountable for any expenses or damages that the Casino may incur as a result.
  4. The Casino may request proof of a Player's identity, address, copies of credit cards, a signed purchase history approval, and/or other necessary documents when a Player withdraws credits. This is done to expedite transactions, prevent fraudulent activities, and secure all financial operations. If a Player provides false documentation or fails to provide any documentation within a 2-week period, the Casino retains the right to suspend the Player's User Account and/or cancel any payouts.

Closing a Player's User Account:

  1. The Player has the right to close their User Account at their own discretion. To do this, they need to send an email to [email protected], providing all necessary account details and information. 
  2. Once the User Account is closed per the Player's request, the Casino may choose not to reopen it for a period of up to 72 hours after the closure.

General Rules Concerning User Account:

  1. The Player is solely responsible for ensuring the security of their User Account in order to participate in Games or place bets. This includes ensuring that the account remains inaccessible to any third parties, including minors. The Player will bear any damages, costs, or expenses that result from unauthorized use of the User Account.
  2. The User Account is meant for personal use only. Any commercial use of the account is strictly prohibited. Use of the User Account should strictly be for personal, non-commercial purposes.
  3. Furthermore, the Player will be held accountable if found participating in, or attempting to engage in activities that contravene the terms and conditions laid out here, or activities that are outside the normal scope of online casino operations.
  4. The Casino reserves the right to terminate a Player's User Account at any time for any reason it sees fit, without needing to give the Player prior written notice. In such a case, the Casino will refund any remaining funds in the Player's User Account or any deposits made, whichever is lesser at the time of termination, within a reasonable period.
  5. The Casino is under no obligation to provide an explanation for the termination of the Player's User Account.
  6. Examples of reasons that may lead the Casino to deny or close a Player's User Account include: evidence of a Player attempting to cheat the Casino Software, making false or malicious claims about the Casino's operations, or exploiting the promotions offered by the Casino in an illegal or unfair manner.
  7. At its sole discretion, the Casino may choose to inform other casinos, the public, banks, credit card companies, and other relevant parties about any dishonest or fraudulent behavior by the Player. The information shared may include the Player's identity and email addresses.

Deposits and Withdrawals General Rules

Understanding the rules around making deposits and withdrawals at Firefox Casino is essential for a smooth gaming experience. Let's walk through the key points.

Deposits to a Player's User Account:

  1. Once a wager has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or refunded. If a Player loses the wager, the stake money cannot be returned.
  2. Players must be aware that only legitimate funds are accepted at Firefox Casino.
  3. It should also be understood that only the Player's own credit cards can be used to make wagers at the Casino.
  4. The Casino reserves the right to limit, refuse, or reject a Player's wager at any given time, with or without prior notice. The Casino's decision is final in all matters relating to this, including but not limited to winnings.
  5. Due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, it is not possible to set deposit limits for Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, or any other digital currencies. However, if you wish to take a break from gambling, do not hesitate to contact us. Upon your request, we can suspend your account for a period of time.
  6. Bitcoin deposits less than 0.0001 BTC cannot be recovered and will not be credited to your casino account. Depositing less than 0.0001 BTC will result in a non-recoverable loss of funds. Even if a Player decides to send more bitcoins to the same address to reach the 0.0001 BTC threshold, no transaction top-ups are accepted. Every time a Player uses the Bitcoin banking option, they are solely responsible for sending a minimum of $10 (or Bitcoin equivalent). The Casino accepts no responsibility if the minimum amount is not sent and reserves the right to regard all transactions below $10 as lost non-recoverable transactions.

Withdrawals from a Player's User Account:

  1. The maximum withdrawal amount per week is set at AUD $10,000 unless otherwise specified by the Player's VIP status. If there is any remaining balance, it will be processed over the course of the following week(s), starting from the specified minimum amount and/or according to the Player's VIP level.
  2. Withdrawals can only be made back to the same User Account from which the deposit originated. In situations where a deposit was made using a credit card, it may be necessary to use alternative withdrawal methods. The Casino can only process withdrawals from a free promotion through the method used for the first deposit.
  3. If a Player makes a deposit through Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, or EcoPayz, the Player is entitled to one instant withdrawal per day.
  4. In the case that a Player deposits through Bitcoin, Visa Master Card, Neosurf, or cryptocurrency, the Player is also entitled to one instant withdrawal per day.
  5. A deposit that does not include a bonus cannot be withdrawn until it has been wagered at least 1x its value.
  6. If a Player deposits money and then withdraws it without wagering at least 1x the value of the deposit, the Casino may charge a fee. This fee should not exceed 10% of the transaction amount. Prior to implementing such a measure, the Casino will review the deposit to ensure there are no signs of financial system manipulation and/or money laundering.
  7. In line with the restrictions set by the Casino's payment processor for the Player's jurisdiction, the Casino commits to pay out progressive jackpots in a timely manner.

Overall Depositing and Withdrawing Rules:

  1. The Player should be aware that any attempt to change, disfigure, forge, tamper with, or otherwise alter any Casino-related materials in any manner, either directly or indirectly, will instantly render them null and void. As a result, all claimed winnings, gaming, and attempted gaming during or following such attempts and/or modifications will also be immediately deemed void.
  2. The Player should also note that any actual or attempted fraud, either perpetrated by the Player or on their behalf, completely voids any actual or attempted transaction, and renders any claimed winnings null and void.
  3. For the benefit and protection of Players, the Casino monitors all transactions and maintains their confidentiality. The Casino uses a number of anti-fraud safeguards and reserves the right to report any illegal activities or attempted illegal activities to the appropriate authorities.
  4. If the Casino discovers any suspicious patterns of deposit and withdrawal manipulation or money laundering activities that amount to fraud, the Casino has the right to withhold payment of funds and notify the appropriate authorities and payment processors.

Game Rules

A critical part of enjoying your experience at Firefox Casino is understanding the rules of the games you play. Each game, from slots to table games, comes with its own set of rules:

  • A third-party User Accounting firm has audited the Casino's game server and confirmed that the odds are fair and that the rules are being adhered to.
  • The Player acknowledges that the results of the Games are determined by the Casino's random number generator software. The Player also agrees to accept all game results as presented in the client application after receiving them from the Casino's gaming server.
  • The Player acknowledges that the Casino may impose a limit of one pending Game per Player (games that have been exited without requiring action from the Player).
  • The Casino reserves the right to terminate any pending games if 30 days have passed without any action from the Player.
  • The Casino retains the right to modify prices, features, specifications, capabilities, functionalities, or other aspects of the Services and/or Games at any time. It also reserves the right to alter or remove any Game from the casino.

Privacy Policy at Firefox Casino

Respecting and protecting players' privacy is a top priority at Firefox Casino. The casino has a comprehensive privacy policy in place, detailing how it collects, uses, and safeguards your personal information:

  1. Any email or other forms of communication between a Player and the Casino are confidential and are not intended for distribution or publication on online discussion boards.
  2. The Player understands that specified personal information, such as first and last names, home address, e-mail address, and phone number, will be requested while opening an account.
  3. The Casino promises to never disclose, sell, or in any other way make a player's personal information available to a third party. Personal information about a Player will only be revealed if required by a Governing Authority or in accordance with a Governing Law requirement.
  4. The identity of a Player and the aforementioned information will be kept private. Additionally, the Casino won't report any wagering information on behalf of any Player.
  5. When a Player withdraws money for the first time, the Casino may request copies of specific documents to confirm the Player's identification.
  6. In order to protect the security of your account, the Casino has the right to request similar papers in the future. These documents often include:
  • The front and back of a Player's driver's license or any other valid photo ID issued by the government.
  • Utility bills with the Player's name and the address they previously registered with us, such as those for gas, electricity, water, or telephone.
  • Statement of the card used or a letter from the issuing bank.
  • The front and back of any credit or debit cards that were used to deposit at the Casino.
  1. If necessary, the Casino maintains the right to request information about the Player from the Player's registered financial institution.

Liability Restrictions

While Firefox Casino is committed to providing a secure and fair gaming environment, there are certain liability restrictions in place to protect both the casino and its players. Here's what you need to know.

  1. The Casino does not accept responsibility for any winnings that result from the following errors:
  • In instances where the game rules are not correctly enforced by the gaming server or computer hardware.
  • If the gaming server or computer hardware fails to accurately apply the random number generator.
  • When the gaming server or computer hardware does not correctly establish a User Account for game play.
  • If the Casino, any of its providers, or anyone else involved in the creation, production, or delivery of the Casino makes an error due to human mistake.
  1. If any winnings are derived from any error under the previously mentioned circumstances, the Player must forfeit these gains. In any dispute regarding a wager or winnings, the decision made by the Casino will be final and binding.
  2. The Casino will not be liable for any issues with your hardware, the Casino's hardware, network, phone line or system, or the Internet.
  3. The Player agrees to protect and hold harmless the Casino, its software provider (Real Time Gaming), and each of their respective licensees, distributors, parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, and all of their officers and directors against any lawsuit, demand, cause of action, claim, liability, costs, expenses (including reasonable legal fees), liabilities, damages, fines, penalties, or any other charges of any kind arising from the use or reuse of the Website, the Games, gaming with or through us, or receipt of winnings from us.


Navigating the world of online gaming can sometimes feel like navigating a legal document, but understanding the general terms and conditions at Firefox Casino is key to a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. From registration to gameplay, and from bonuses to withdrawals, these rules govern every aspect of your interaction with the casino.

The aim is always to ensure fairness, safety, and responsible gaming. So whether you're a seasoned gambler or a newbie, make sure you take the time to read and understand the rules. After all, the more informed you are, the better equipped you'll be to make the most of all the exciting opportunities Firefox Casino has to offer!